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Elevating Graphics Design for Galadari Heavy Equipments

Galadari Heavy Equipments
Graphics Design
10 Oct, 2023
30 Jan 2024

Galadari Heavy Equipments, a leading provider of heavy machinery and construction equipment, recognized the importance of visual branding in capturing audience attention and enhancing brand recognition. Seeking to elevate their brand identity and create compelling visual assets, they engaged Social Makers to revolutionize their graphics design.

Social Makers offers comprehensive graphics design solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of clients across diverse industries. From brand identity development to visual content creation, our team of experienced designers delivers captivating designs that resonate with target audiences and drive engagement.


Before partnering with Social Makers, Galadari Heavy Equipments faced challenges in establishing a consistent and impactful visual brand identity. Their existing graphics lacked cohesion, failed to effectively communicate their brand message, and did not align with industry standards. As a result, they struggled to differentiate themselves in the competitive heavy equipment market and failed to leave a lasting impression on potential customers.


Full business control
User dashboard & analytics
Regular update monitoring
Brand Identity Development
Visual Content Creation
Website Redesign
Marketing Collateral Design


The collaboration between Galadari Heavy Equipments and Social Makers resulted in transformative improvements in graphics design and brand identity. The development of a cohesive brand identity and visually appealing graphics elevated Galadari Heavy Equipments’ brand presence and enhanced their credibility in the heavy equipment industry. The redesigned website and marketing collateral provided a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints, driving engagement and fostering brand loyalty among customers. Overall, the partnership between Galadari Heavy Equipments and Social Makers successfully achieved the objective of elevating graphics design and establishing a strong visual brand identity that sets them apart in the competitive heavy equipment market.

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